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In college, my major as changed from Information systems to History. For after college I have thought about military service before being a history teacher. My thinking is that the Army would be the best option for me. My motion sickness may really limit my options in the Air Force and Navy and I do not think I have the perfect drive for the marines. Plus, a friend of mine :iconvalmannex: is currently set to be in the navy and I think it would be interesting some day to compare experiences from different branches of the service. Personally I am looking for an experience that would go a step beyond what the Boy Scouts of America did for me.

Plans for the rest of this year will be finishing up my photography class, working on cosplay and props for Oatakon and Nebraskon, and of course enjoying summer where I can before starting the next school year.

That's all for now,
Stay classy
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Mateo-theFox Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
This is most likely a fake. As an IT student I can for sure tell you that they are not going to visit each and every deviants journals to see if you have this little bit of text.  The wording of this message is also sketchy.  If they were to clean up shop, they would post an official message to everyone. Then they would probably sort their database by last log in date and then anyone over a certain date would be deleted.

Better safe than sorry though.
valmannex Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
I'm doubting it is legit mainly because as far as I am aware there have been no announcements about it sent to our messages which is something DA would do if they were even considering the possibility also the most they would need to do is check the activity log of the person or do an email verification system. Plus they are not likely to have any grammatical errors in the message. finally they would probably give people more than a weeks notice but I could be wrongShrug 
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